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Food Business, Delivery and Music During the Lockdown

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In this episode I’m checking in again with Silent Trevor, our guy behind the scenes.

We are recapping the events from the past couple of weeks,, the different guests we had, and commenting on how we are doing in the quarantine.

Time Stamps:

04:50 – What we are talking about in this episode.
06:00 – What my Farm To Table food box contains and tasting kombucha for the first time.
12:20 – What happened on social media with my stated support to local food businesses.
19:10 – What Trevor considers as local food business and how they are adapting to the lockdown.
23:10 – What are our biggest concerns with restaurant takeout and delivery.
31:24 – Are delivery apps safe, fair and which ones do we use?
35:00 – What’s the problem with UberEats
39:10 – How some business are pivoting and crushing it in this crisis
42:10 – The changes in marketing and SEO algorithms we are seeing and how they can affect local businesses
46:50 – How restaurants are having to change their marketing strategy.
47:39 – How the crisis is affecting the music industry and the good and the bad of livestreaming and overproduction in music.
50:20 – How digitalisation and gaming technology is rapidly taking over sports and entertainment.
53:20 – Recapping all that happened during the past two weeks.
01:03:07 – Patrick introducing his dog Rocket.


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Texas Real Food
Favor Delivery
Shipt Delivery
The Peached Tortilla
Margs For Life TX
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Love Right Now by Jo James on iTunes

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