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MLS Austin FC Supporters Group: Los Verdes

MLS Austin FC Supporters Group: Los Verdes - The Lone Star Plate Podcast
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There’s not many things Austin is missing, but it’s never had a proper soccer stadium. That is till now, with the new stadium scheduled to open in March.

Today, we’re joined by President of the Los Verdes Club Gaby Navarro and Co-Founder Andrew Urban, to discuss what the future for soccer in Austin looks like. 

With any great soccer team, you need a great club behind them to cheer them on. Los Verdes ATX is an independent supporters group of Austin FC with the aim to make the games as fun as possible. 

We talk about how they set up the club and the stadium, the different projects the club is involved with, and the benefits there are to being a member of the club.

I’m already a member, and as soon as this pandemic calms down I can’t wait to be at the stadium with all the other fans…

“I like tacos on game day because you have to save room for beer.” – Andrew Urban  

Time Stamps:
01:19 – Who Los Verdes are and what they do.
07:26 – Our top 15 iconic staple Texan food.
14:36 – How long it took to set up the new Austin football club and stadium.
16:21 – Who Gaby is and how the leadership of Los Verdes is set up.
19:05 – How many members the club has and the different merch they sell.
21:05 – What the club does on game day and the different projects they do.
23:38 – The effect supporters have on the players during a game.
28:10 – The different scarfs Los Verdes sell and the ‘Los Verdes Van’ they have.
30:30 – The different instruments they’re going to bring and when the games will start.
33:00 – When the construction of the stadium will be finished.
34:14 – The importance of chants and the different ones they have planned for the team.
38:51 – What they’re most looking forward to when the season starts.
43:13 – The different sections they’ll be in, and the family-friendly areas they have.
44:53 – The benefits there are to joining the club.
50:55 – The aim of bringing sports fans love towards soccer.
55:24 – The best foods to eat on game day and the food that’ll be available there.
59:30 – Our favourite types of tacos. 


Los Verdes
Green Street Hooligans (2005)
Texas Real Food

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