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Texas Cryptozoologist Lyle Blackburn in Search for BIGFOOT

Texas Cryptozoologist Lyle Blackburn’s search for BIGFOOT - The Lone Star Plate Podcast
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Texas Cryptozoologist Lyle Blackburn in Search for BIGFOOT

What is cryptozoology? We break it down in this episode with the cryptozoologist and musician Lyle Blackburn.

Lyle basically studies the phenomenon of unconfirmed monsters – think Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, and he even told me about a dinosaur that lives in Congo. I don’t know, my mind is open! There’s been a ton of Bigfoot sightings in Texas, and it’s cool to talk to someone who knows about this stuff.  

He takes it all very seriously, it’s all pretty fascinating, and I really enjoyed Lyle’s professionalism and expertise in this.   

“As long as I don’t die, it makes a good story.” – Lyle Blackburn

 Time Stamps:
11:34 – Texan life and the Texas attitude that Lyle has.
16:04 – Where in Texas Lyle grew up.
18:04 – What cryptozoology is ,and the most well-known ‘unconfirmed creature’.
20:44 – The amount of interest there is in cryptozoology and how many people really believe in Bigfoot.
24:00 – The most credible Bigfoot sighting Lyle has ever heard of.
27:54 – The unexplained situations Lyle has been in, and the excitement he gets from cryptozoology.
31:08 – Who ‘The Mothman’ is and the places abroad Lyle would most like to visit.
34:08 – What Bigfoot is and where it comes from.
38:24 – The type of people that report sightings and the most well-known footage there is of Bigfoot.
44:24 – Who the chupacabra is, where it came from, and its prevalence in Texas. 
47:40 – The recent sightings there have been of dinosaur-like creatures.
49:46 – Sightings of the Loch Ness Monster.
52:13 – Some of the cool legends there are in Texas.
55:30 – Lyle’s thoughts about aliens and the new UFO footage being released by the Navy.
1:01:12 – The new unidentifiable footage Lyle has recently seen.
1:02:54 – The Ohio Bigfoot Conference and what new projects Lyle has coming up.  


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