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Mark Davis: Three Tweets to the Wind

Mark Davis: Three Tweets to the Wind
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Mark Davis: Three Tweets to the Wind

Today I’m talking to Mark Davis, a conservative radio host and host of the popular podcast ‘The Mark Davis Show’. 

Mark’s articulate, intelligent, and respectful, and talking to him is a real pleasure. 

Both working in media, we talk about his career in media and how the way people consume media is shifting and changing. 

The chat then moves onto politics, how the virus has affected the election, and why today’s election is such an important one. 

Finally, we talk about Trump and how he’s changed the landscape of America’s politics and highlighted some serious flaws within our society…

The best sign of a presidential character is telling the voters the things you’re going to do, then doing them.” – Mark Davis  

Time Stamps:
01:25 – Who Mark is and what he’s best known for. 
07:03 – When radio hosts started to film their shows. 
09:43 – The way people act differently when they know they’re being recorded. 
11:47 – How Mark manages working on so many projects at once. 
15:14 – How media consumption has changed over time. 
24:33 – How the way we consume media affects the way it’s written.
28:34 – The collective ways people have responded to the virus. 
30:30 – Mark’s views on the final presidential debate. 
38:32 – The idea of having a presidential debate without a moderator. 
41:33 – What Trump needed to do in the last few weeks to get re-elected. 
45:55 – What the election would look like if it weren’t for COVID. 
49:25 – The political position of Texas. 
52:23 – Why 2016 was such a divisive time in politics. 
1:00:26 – The conservative nature of Trump. 
1:03:55 – Why some people have such strong hatred against Trump. 
1:16:20 – The importance of accepting other people’s views. 
1:24:11 – How to connect with Mark online


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  • Yes, Trump is a 9 year old, every day all day. His childish behavior should matter. This guest, Mark Davis, seems to think that the agenda is all that matters and the decency and fairness of the human occupying the office is somehow totally insignificant. Is he the kind of role model you want for the children of this country??? Is this the kind of personality that’s winning over international relations??? And what’s this agenda that’s so important? Killing the environment? Walling off America to helpless immigrants? Killing healthcare and forever keeping us in the dark ages with conservative Supreme Court Justices like Kavanaugh and Amy Koney Barrett? Mark Davis is what’s wrong with Texas. Quit propping up this monster of a President who is destroying the country that I love. Trump is a spoiled brat. He’s lazy. He’s impatient. He’s obsessed with his ratings and likability. He’s dangerous. He lies, CONSTANTLY. He’s not strong, he’s weak and insecure. He’s impulsive and reactive. There is no depth or wisdom or sense of leadership apart from intimidating and saying nasty things. He’s the worst President in the history of this country. He has distorted and shamed the Republican party. He’s an autocrat. Mark Davis, you and anyone who supports Trump should be ashamed and deeply troubled at your ability to overlook so much and for what????

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