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Martha Madison: From Soaps to Soups

Martha Madison: From Soaps to Soups - The Lone Star Plate Podcast
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While some of us like to do one thing at a time, Martha likes to do it all. Martha Madison is probably best known for the 16 years she’s been starring on Days of Our Lives, but we’re here to talk food more than acting. 

Martha’s been in the restaurant industry for years, so she knows the kind of struggles we have to go through and why people put themselves through this madness. 

During the lockdown, she started her own podcast interviewing different people from the industry on various topics, and one of the notable episodes was about the worst customers they’ve encountered. If you’ve worked in hospitality, you can begin to imagine some of the hilarious stories she’s been told, and I even share one of my craziest stories here. 

But Martha’s not just been podcasting, she’s also been setting up a brand new restaurant in Dallas that will be opening in the near future i na 100-year old building. 

It takes a certain braveness to open a restaurant in the current climate, but when you hear about the 100-year old building it’s in, you’ll begin to understand why she’s put so much work into this endeavour. 

“The guest is not always right, but the guest is always the guest.” – Martha Madison  

Time Stamps:
02:45 – What it was like growing up in Houston and Martha’s love of the Dallas food scene.
06:27 – Martha’s experience of the restaurant industry and what she learned from her time there.
14:33 – The new podcast Martha’s recently launched that revolves around unique experiences people have had at restaurants.
21:55 – The worst guests we’ve ever had at our restaurants.
28:38 – The new restaurant Martha’s opening, where she’s sourcing her food, and the extremely unique building that it’ll be in.
37:16 – The recruitment work that Martha does.
39:10 – Martha’s 16 years starring on ‘Days of Our Lives’ and how she ended up on the show for so long.
42:55 – What it’s like being business partners with your spouse.
49:22 – The problems with Yelp and people bringing their complaints online. 


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