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Actor Matt Barr Joins the New Walker, Texas Ranger

Actor Matt Barr Joins The New Walker, Texas Ranger - The Lone Star Plate Podcast
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Actor Matt Barr Joins the New Walker, Texas Ranger

My guest today is actor and producer Matt Barr, who’s recently got a recurring role in the show Walker, a great Texan crime series, which I was once an extra on!

He’s involved with a bunch of other cool projects like Blood and Treasure on CBS, an Indiana Jones style show that they film in all the countries around the world. 

He is also an executive producer for Twelve Mighty Orphans, starring Martin Sheen and Robert Duvall for the first time together on screen since Apocalypse Now.

We talk about how Matt got his roles, what it’s like travelling around the world acting for a living, and the different foods he’s been able to try on the road.

“Being a Texan I’m so proud of these wonderful Texas stories that speak to me in a special way.” – Matt Barr  

Time Stamps:
02:26 – Who Matt Barr is and the different projects he’s working on.
07:47 – Meeting Chuck Norris and the time I was an extra on Walker
09:51 – The role Matt’s playing in Walker and how he got that role. 
12:55 – Matt’s lack of experience with podcasts and what it’s like watching yourself back on TV. 
16:17 – How the quality of TV shows has increased and the huge crews that are behind them. 
18:38 – How working with Jim Beaver helped Matt. 
20:20 – What made Matt buy the rights and produce the Texan Football movie The Twelve Mighty Orphans.
26:03 – What it was like having to quarantine in Italy. 
27:20 – The thrill of travelling around the world filming Blood and Treasure and where Matt’s favourite place was. 
28:36 – How spicy the food in Thailand is. 
31:34 – Where Season 2 of Blood and Treasure is based. 
34:25 – The pushback Matt gets for any inaccuracies in his shows. 
36:07 – Why Matt wants to cook more and his favourite dish to make.   


Blood and Treasure (2019-)
Walker (2021-)
12 Mighty Orphans
Medieval Times  
Texas Real Food

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