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Matt Mullenweg: Open Source Is THE Future

Matt Mullenweg: Towards an Open Source Future
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Matt Mullenweg: Open Source Is THE Future

My guest Matt Mullenweg is a founding developer of WordPress, the Open Source software used by over 30% of the entire internet, including this website.

We talk about how he created WordPress, why it was made Open Source and how many people contribute to it today. As I am a chef and like holding things in my hands, coding seem so foreign to me, but Matt is very patient and explains what Open Source really is and why it is so exciting to be involved in it.

He makes analogies between coding and cooking, as both are creating actually, and we also talk about food, wine and travel.

Matt hosts a podcast called “Distributed” about the best practices in managing companies online, and lives and works from Houston.

“It thrills me to create things that help other people create things.” – Matt Mullenweg


Time Stamps:

1:45 – Who Matt Mullenweg is and what he is known for.
6:15 – How Matt got interested in technology.
7:50 – What is so exciting and fulfilling about coding.
14:25 – Why Matt made WordPress free and open source.
20:35 – How WordPress works and how many people contribute to it.
25:25 – Why communication and collaboration is going to evolve the humanity.
29:30 – How to get involved with open source.
31:20 – How to build businesses on top of open source.
39:30 – The value of critiques for improving open source.
45:30 – Debunking the pretentiousness of wine culture.
49:00 – The importance of education for creating the market.
55:13 – What Matt has been doing during the pandemic and why he misses traveling and airports.
1:01:28 – What his podcast is about.
1:03:20 – Why working online and having remote teams is powerful.
1:14:00 – What Matt loves about Texas.


Distributed, with Matt Mullenweg
Franklin BBQ
Texas Real Food

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