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How Restaurants Can MAKE MONEY with Max Kunik

How Restaurants Can MAKE MONEY with Max Kunik
Home / Podcast / Episodes / How Restaurants Can MAKE MONEY with Max Kunik

Max Kunik is back on the show, and today we are talking about the best and most creative ways that restaurants and food businesses can create revenue streams right now.

Max is a great businessman, the owner of RPM Kitchens and Co-Founder of Taster’s Table Club.

He tells us about all the cool things he’s seen in the food industry in the last couple of months, but also what business owners perhaps could do, but are not doing.

From virtual cooking classes, selling family meals and expanding parking lots, to virtual farmer’s markets and restaurants’ promotion, we cover a lot of great ideas that can be helpful for the food industry to pivot right now.

Many changes are here to stay, and you’ll hear what other new things are coming in the near future, for the benefit of business owners and consumers.

Time Stamps:

00:20 – Introducing Max Kunik and the topic of today’s episode.
02:02 – What Taster’s Table Club is and how it works.
04:55 – Virtual cooking events that Taster’s Table Club is hosting.
07:04 – How pre-portioning and ingredients supply work for the virtual dinner events.
11:11 – How virtual cooking classes are a great idea for restaurants to pivot at this time.
15:55 – Curb-side pickup, family meals, selling grocery items with meals as other ways for restaurants to pivot.
18:30 – How local farms are crushing it right now with their sales going 1000% up.
21:20 – Curated farm boxes and delivery as key services for long-term sustainability of local farms.
25:18 – Virtual farmer’s markets in the near future.
30:00 – What Good Work Austin is and what they do.
34:45 – How restaurants are maximizing their seating with extending patios and using parking lots.
40:00 – How restaurants can market and promote their good safety practices.
46:00 – What measures restaurants are applying to stay safe for their workers and customers.
49:30 – How restaurants generally responded well to the pandemic, and how they’ve seen an outpouring of support from the community.
53:30 – The absolute overwhelm of the Texas Workforce Commission due to unemployment applications.
54:40 – How to stay positive until things get better.


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