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Max Kunik: Taster’s Table Chat

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On this episode of The Lone Star Plate, I’m joined by Max Kunik, the owner of RPM kitchens, and co-founder of The Tasters Table Club.

Today we get some great Kobe beef burgers from Hopdoddy, and are both super impressed with the food we get. The Kobe beef was great, and although the chips got cold they were still nice and crunchy.

We have some great foodie chats about everything from food trucks and different types of meats, to bartending and packaging myths.

”Word of mouth marketing is still the best marketing.” – Max Kunik

Max Kunik - The Lone Star Plate

Time Stamps:

00:37 – Where we’ve ordered our food from today.
02:00 – Introducing our guest Max Kunik.
03:08 – How Max got interested in food.
06:02 – The first food truck Max went to.
07:07 – Fasting while working with food.
09:53 – Tasters table club, what it is, and how it works.
15:55 – The importance of treating every customer like a millionaire.
17:04 – Our food arrives and we dig in.
19:22 – Eating Kobe beef, and whether we think it should really go in a burger.
20:35 – The environmental benefits of eating Kobe beef and local foods.
22:27 – Drinking fresh unpasteurised milk and the difference in taste it has.
25:28 – What the words ‘all natural’ mean to Max.
26:52 – Fruit juice that doesn’t have any fruit in it, sugar free Kool-Aid, and gluten-free vodka.
29:12 – Different types of chickens and the use of hormones and antibiotics.
32:00 – The importance of not overcooking good meat, and what the fries are like.
36:53 – The ‘impossible burger’ and how it’s not actually good for you.
37:35 – How to tell if a bartender thinks he’s made you a good drink.
42:00 – The difficulties of being underappreciated when you’re a bartender.
44:53 – Max’s favourite place to get cocktails in town.
46:18 – Making friends with bartenders.
47:44 – Putting fruit in your drinks.
50:02 – Silent Trevor and his ideas for food truck names.
55:30 – Snoop Dogg’s blunt roller.
56:16 – 15 red flags you should look out for when dining out.
1:08:34 – Our quick fire questions.
1:15:21 – Our final review of the meal and the delivery.


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