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A Lesson in Molecular Biology

Jacob Cohen: Molecular Side of Life
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My guest today, Jacob Cohen, is a cellular molecular biologist, who also has a degree in general chemistry.

He specialises in the niche field of creating names for new pharmaceutical drugs that are being developed and produced. 

This is a man that knows his stuff about viruses. 

After explaining what he does for a living, I quiz Jacob with all the questions I’ve wanted to ask someone with this kind of knowledge. 

Are branded drugs and generic drugs really the same?

He clearly explains what is currently going on with the Coronavirus, how close we are to a cure, and when we can expect to end social distancing. 

Jacob is obviously worried about how easily this virus spreads, but he emphasises how our focus should be on hygiene rather than a vaccine. 

He understands this virus better than anyone else I’ve talked to, and after talking to him I feel like I understand it much better too…

”From a scientists point of view it’s interesting, but scary. Mother Nature is literally the most diabolical serial killer there is.” – Jacob Cohen    

Time Stamps:

01:09 – Who are guest today is.
01:49 – What Jacob does for a living.
08:03 – How they create the name for a new medication.
09:37 – The strange name requests they sometimes receive.
10:54 – If branded drugs and generic drugs are really the same.
13:30 – The competition within drug companies.
14:44 – The problems with generic drugs.
17:07 – How the process of getting names approved changes depending on where you are.
21:56 – Jacobs views on the current pandemic.
22:56 – The differences between bacteria and viruses.
25:54 – How Covid-19 works similar to the HIV virus.
30:54 – The different treatments that are already in development for Corona.
33:01 – What the Corona virus really is.
38:28 – How easy it is to convince yourself that you have a deadly disease.
41:47 – The moment Jacob knew how serious this virus was.
43:20 – The importance of social distancing, and how our immune systems work to fight against it.
51:38 – The difference in people’s physical response to the virus.
53:33 – How the prevalence of the virus will shift with the seasons.
54:12 – The best thing you can do to avoid contracting the virus, and the problem with wearing gloves.
58:56 – The wake up call this should give people.
1:03:22 – The way knowledge around the virus is constantly shifting and evolving.
1:05:35 – The importance of supporting local businesses.   



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