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Natalie Price: Getting Music Through the Lockdown

Natalie Price
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My guest today is Natalie Price, an Austin-based Indie-americana musician, whose activity in the music industry has been affected hard by the coronavirus crisis.

She played her last live show at the onset of the lockdown, and for the first time ever she found herself asking people not to come to her gig.

We talk about how Texas musicians are going through this crisis, and what they can do support each other.

Natalie also shares what she does everyday to stay in touch with her friends, fans and music community.

Like our previous guests, Natalie is staying positive as she adjusts her life to the new situation that could potentially last for months.

Time Stamps:

00:20 – Introducing our guest Natalie Price
02:50 – How the virus is affecting Natalie’s music career
04:09 – No point in being angry, since the entire artist generation is going through this weird experience
05:28 – What she thinks about the current livestream music noise in the online space
08:20 – Her 20-minute daily livestreams to keep her accountable
12:05 – How she manages grocery planning, shopping, and cooking
15:55 – How different companies are using their resources to help during the pandemic
21:00 – How journaling, learning to play new music and sitting outside helps Natalie keep mental balance
26:00 – The lockdown as an opportunity to go into the kitchen and learn to cook
32:19 – What Natalie plans to do for the rest of the lockdown and in the future
36:30 – How musicians can support each other by engaging and commenting on social media
39:30 – How Kickstarter platform and MusicGrams program are helping freelance musicians who don’t have other income right now
42:50 – Getting used to Instagram Live and Tik-Tok
45:30 – Practical tips for sanitizing hands and vegetables at home


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