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Nikki Stringfield: Guitars and Tex-Mex

Nikki Stringfield: Guitars and Tex-Mex
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My guest in this episode is the amazing heavy metal guitarist and singer Nikki Stringfield.

Nikki is the guitarist for The Iron Maidens, the world’s only all-female Iron Maiden tribute band, as well as for Heaven Below. She has recently released her first EP called Harmonies For The Haunted. 

Nikki tells us about her beginnings in music, and how things have changed for her after she moved from Texas to California.

We go on to comment on self-publishing in music, the struggles she has encountered as a female guitar player, and what will happen with touring and concerts after the pandemic has put a halt on the music industry.

We also discuss our favourite drinks, and the differences in food between Texas and California.

Nikki is very fun, relaxed and enjoys her life in music, so you too will enjoy our conversation!


Time stamps:

3:30 – Where Nikki is from, and how her growing up in Texas was.
6:20 – How Nikki got inspired and learned to play guitar.
10:35 – Heaven Below’s new album and what’s on it.
12:30 – How social media and streaming platforms are impacting music industry and marketing. 
14:30 – How creating her own music and self-publishing works for Nikki.
19:50 – What her songwriting process is like.
23:00 – Nikki’s experiences with appearing on the Beat Shazam show.
30:30 – What our favourite drinks are.
33:00 – What Nikki likes to eat and what restaurants she visits when on the road.
35:36 – Where to get the best vegan food on tour.
38:20 – Why Mediterranean diet is the healthiest choice for most people.
41:40 – What is the closest you can get to Tex-Mex in California.
44:45 – Where music industry is headed now, and what happens with touring and concerts going forward.
46:33 – Nikki’s favourite countries to travel.
49:56 – How fans can support the music industry and artists right now.


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Heaven Below
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