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No Man’s Land: Director and Lead Actor Discuss The Film

Director and Lead Actor Discuss Their New Film “No Man’s Land” - The Lone Star Plate Podcast
Home / Podcast / Episodes / No Man’s Land: Director and Lead Actor Discuss The Film

My guests today are Jake and Conor Allyn. Jake is an actor, Conor is a director, they’ve been making films together for years and have just released No Man’s Land.   

No Man’s Land looks at the border crisis, and shows us the two perspectives of the Mexicans coming over, and the Texans on the other side. It’s streaming on Amazon so it’s accessible to watch online, and is just a phenomenal film.  

We talk about the movie, the reality of the no man’s land, and what it’s like to finish a 7-year project.   

“We really wanted to embrace and accept the cowboy.” – Conor Allyn

 Time Stamps:  
00:52 – Who Jake and Conor are and the film they’ve been working on No Man’s Land
08:19 – How quickly California is opening up compared to Texas. 
12:47 – The amount of Americans who never leave the country and how traveling can help you grow. 
17:53 – The reality of the ‘no man’s land’ area that exists between Mexico and Texas. 
20:27 – The way the wall affected housing prices and businesses that were south of the wall. 
22:41 – The theme of the film and how they tried to keep it as realistic as possible. 
27:48 – The change the protagonist goes through from an old school cowboy to a modern Texan. 
29:30 – Some iconic Texas moments in the film. 
36:47 – The number of Mexican-Americans that don’t speak Spanish. 
41:05 – The difficulties when you can’t speak the local language, and how most people learn English. 
45:12 – What it feels like to finish a 7-year project. 
51:59 – How long Jake and Connor have been in California, and the ways it’s different to Texas.   

No Man’s Land (2020) 

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