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Marketing Genius Noah Kagan on Social Media

Marketing Genius Noah Kagan on Social Media
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Marketing Genius Noah Kagan on Social Media

Today, I’m interviewing American entrepreneur and tech guru, Noah Kagan. 

He worked at Facebook, Mint and Intel, and is currently helping other entrepreneurs improve their businesses with his website OkDork, a blog about marketing, starting business, self-exploration and his love of tacos. 

With his history at Facebook, the talk soon moves to social media, whether it’s beneficial, and the problems that are inherent within it.  What’s unique about Noah Kagan is that he never saw Social Network or Social Dilemma, because he said he lived it, so he didn’t want to watch that.

Noah seems to think Facebook has reached its tipping point and that its usership will start moving to alternatives. He explains to me why he thinks this and what platforms he believes will become the next market dominators. 

We then move on to our personal lives and Noah tells me how he’s been making wine out of coconut water, and his plans to cycle across the US…

Take ownership of your time, be intentional of how you spend your time on social media.” – Noah Kagan  

Time Stamps:
01:23 – Who Noah is and the ties he has with social media companies. 
04:28 – Our ‘Bet you didn’t know that’ section where we talk pumpkins, bees, Texan peaches, and how much we eat in a lifetime. 
11:38 – Pickling your foods. 
13:58 – What I love most about my life right now. 
17:58 – Being hired by Facebook as their 30th employee, and then getting fired by them. 
21:40 – The energy that was present when Facebook was starting, and how it grew so quickly. 
24:02 – The ageing demographic of people that use Facebook. 
25:54 – The popularity of YouTube and the alternatives there are to Facebook. 
30:09 – The best networks for advertisers to reach a globally wide audience. 
32:32 – How much Noah Kagan uses Facebook and the importance of taking ownership of your time. 
35:04 – Reading the news and the way it can work as an unbeneficial distraction. 
37:00 – What it’s like working in the restaurant business. 
43:03 – Anti-maskers and why it makes sense to listen to professionals. 
44:30 – Noah’s work helping others start and grow their businesses. 
45:02 – Getting a pilot’s license and making wine. 
48:11 – The fear Noah feels when he’s flying a plane. 
52:49 – What Noah’s looking forward to for 2021. 
54:37 – My time spending 29 days walking the Camino De Santiago and Noah’s plans to bike across America. 



The Social Dilemma (2020)
Texas Real Food

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