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OrderText for Safe Restaurants

OrderText For Safe Restaurants - Lone Star Plate Podcast
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Today, we are joined by Anthony De Los Santos, CEO and co-founder of website OrderText. 

OrderText is a contactless ordering website that restaurants, food trucks, and others can integrate into their business to reduce unnecessary human interaction.

At a time where everyone is focused on how to reduce the chances of spreading a virus this kind of technology has never been more useful.  It lets customers easily order from their table, and it lets staff know which table the order has come from. 

This is another company I’ve met that has been fortunate in an unfortunate situation, in that all of a sudden this is a really useful tech solution.

As we chat, Anthony explains exactly how the company works, and how he’s even looking for someone to partner up with…

”Jump in now while we’re at no cost, and help us build something cool.” – Anthony De Los Santos

Time Stamps:

01:12 – Introducing our guest, Anthony De Los Santos.
02:12 – What OrderText does. 
03:54 – How the website works to reduce human interaction. 
06:20 – How they’ve made the website easy to use for servers. 
07:36 – The versatility of the website.
10:11 – How they adapted their business in response to the virus outbreak.
12:44 – How much they charge individuals to use the website.
17:48 – Making OrderText into an app.
21:05 – Event Journey, and the beginning of live-streaming.
27:44 – Why they haven’t made OrderText into an app yet, and the importance of simplicity.  31:16 – How the new rules will work with restaurants starting to reopen. 
34:18 – The inevitability of a second wave of coronavirus, and the need for businesses to adapt.  40:45 – The way that history repeats itself.
42:12 – The different ways restaurants will need to adapt.
43:23 – What it’s like working in a kitchen.
45:03 – How to get OrderText installed at your restaurant.
46:01 – The different types of business OrderText works with.
48:48 – Anthony’s search for a business partner.
51:55 – The different types of people that would benefit from a service like OrderText. 
53:29 – The chances of restaurants stealing your credit card details. 
55:43 – The redundancy of kiosks when we already have phones. 
56:56 – The issues they came against when making the website. 
58:02 – What a business would need to work with OrderText. 


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