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Pete Sessions: The Running Man

Pete Sessions: The Running Man - The Lone Star Plate Podcast
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Today, I’m talking with Pete Sessions, the Republican candidate for Texas’s 17th congressional district. 

Being completely open with you guys, I’m a registered Democrat. So you can imagine me and Mr. Sessions have some rather different viewpoints. 

But this is what I love about this podcast being able to have open discussions with people who hold different views. 

He’s very honest and willing to talk to me and explains the main points that set the Republicans and Democrats apart. 

His focus is on justice, safety, and security, and he explains his long past working with the NRA, farming businesses, and pro-life institutions.  He describes himself as pro-business, pro-people, pro-law enforcement, and pro-freedom. 

Mr. Sessions has a lot of admirable qualities, and although I don’t agree with a lot of what he says, he opens my eyes up to a lot of Republican standpoints I didn’t understand before…

“We’re not in this as individuals and we all need to be in this together.” – Pete Sessions  

Time Stamps:
02:03 – Pete Sessions’ background in politics and what we’re going to talk about today. 
10:17 – What the most important issue is in the upcoming election. 
14:06 – Sessions’ views on the Black Lives Matter protests. 
21:09 – Why Sessions moved his political and personal life from Dallas to Waco. 
29:56 – The ‘Un-American’ and ‘Socialist’ nature of the Democratic Party. 
32:28 – The responsible ways that Trump responded to the Coronavirus pandemic compared to other politicians. 
43:30 – The Family Opportunities Act and how it’s helped families with disabled children. 
54:04 – The ways the Trump administration helped strengthen the American economy. 
59:59 – The Republicans’ alternative to Obama Care. 
1:11:58 – The drug war that’s happening in Chicago. 
1:19:15 – The strength that Mr. Sessions gets from Christianity. 


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