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Erin C. Buckley: ‘Platonic’ – YouTube Series On Modern Relationships

Erin C. Buckley" 'Platonic' - A Series On Modern Relationships - The Lone Star Plate Podcast
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In this episode I’m joined by writer and director Erin C. Buckley. 

Erin’s short-form digital series ‘Platonic’ launches on YouTube on August 12th. Having been fortunate enough to get an early viewing, I can tell you it’s a good one!

‘Platonic’ follows Olive (a gay Brooklynite) and Billy (her straight best friend) as they look for love and document their search via voicemail messages to each other. The show looks at relationships, both romantic and platonic, casting each in a unique light. 

We talk about the show, where her inspiration for the theme came from, and how she collaborated with other creatives. It really is a thought-provoking piece of media that everyone can learn something from, and is made extra special by the freedom that Erin gave to the actors involved with the project. 

We also chat about her short film ‘CC Dances The Go-Go’ which premiered in June and plays at aGLIFF in August.

“Platonic is based on my relationship with my best friend, and looking for love in all the wrong places.” – Erin C. Buckley

Time Stamps:
02:04 – Where Erin grew up.
08:15 – The YouTube series Erin has been working on and when it’s being released.
11:51 – What the show is about, and what shooting the series was like.
15:47 – My favourite episode from the series.
17:26 – The benefits of allowing actors to influence the script.
21:15 – How they organised the shooting and encouraged creative collaboration.
30:25 – Erin’s beliefs around relationships and how her beliefs shaped her creations.
37:26 – What Erin focuses on when she’s writing.
43:17 – Erin’s short film ‘CC Dances The Go-Go’ and what it was like making it.
46:25 – How they choreographed the dancing in the film. 
53:26 – What Erin’s been focused on since lockdown. 
57:25 – The backing Erin is looking for for Season 2. 
1:01:30 – How to connect with Erin online. 


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