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Radney Foster: The Renaissance Man

Radney Foster: The Renaissance Man
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Some people seemed to be blessed with all the diverse talent in the world. Today’s guest, Radney Foster is one of those Renaissance type of people. He’s an actor, musician, author, screenwriter, and a talented chef too. 

He’s done some really interesting projects, mixing his passion for cooking with his other creative skills to offer people a unique dining experience. We talk about how he found his different passions, and what drew him to a life so focused around performing. 

He tells me how he’s been coping during the pandemic, and what it’s been like working on his new unreleased screenplay…

“The thing with taking acting lessons is that the acting coach could help me get my patter between songs down a little better. Make them a bit more efficient, a bit more dramatic.” – Radney Foster 

Time Stamps:    
02:52 – Who Radney is and the many different fields he’s worked in.
06:33 – A comment sent in by one of our viewers about pastor Max Lucado and her faith.
10:30 – The influence and impact culture has on cuisine.
12:26 – The gourmet dinners accompanied by live music that Rodney used to put on.
14:30 – How Radney got into cooking.
16:50 – The influence French cuisine has had on Mexican foods.
21:21 – Writing short stories accompanied by their own songs.
23:24 – A short story about a Dallas lawyer whose life is destroyed, then renewed when finding love.
26:44 – How Radney got into acting and the unique ways he used to audition.
33:40 – The ways having an acting coach helped Radney when performing music.
37:37 – The difference between singing as a musician and singing in a theatrical production.
42:12 – The brand new screenplay Radney is writing.
43:47 – The similarities between screenwriting and songwriting.
52:03 – Reading screenplays and the importance of having a good script.
57:58 – Recording new music and how songs change over the course of their creation.
1:04:33 – The new work Radney’s been doing during the pandemic.
1:08:43 – Intermittent fasting and my experience with it. 


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Check out Radney’s book For You To See the Stars
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