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What Is Regenerative Agriculture

What Is Regenerative Agriculture - The Lone Star Plate Podcast
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Today we talk about regenerative agriculture with Travis Krause, the owner of Parker Creek Ranch and founder of The Pastoralist blog.

We learn the difference between the common or ‘linear’ agriculture, and regenerative agriculture which uses system thinking and holistic approach to growing food.

Travis’s ranch dates back to the 19th century, and we share some exciting stories from the history of Texas, and history of cattle ranches.

Travis talks about the business side of local farming, how to get started, and how to raise the awareness of consumers about the local farms.

Farmers have earned a spotlight in the Covid-19 pandemic, and the goal for all of us is to support local farms and build better connections with the food we are eating.

“If I can have a face to face conversation with a consumer about what we do on the farm, I bet they would buy my food.” – Travis Krause

Time stamps:

00:30 – Introducing our guest and the topic.
01:45 – A bit of Texas history – focus on 1846.
04:08 – How Travis’s ancestors founded his ranch.
08:42 – What is regenerative agriculture.
14:20 – How regenerative agriculture is different from traditional or “linear” agriculture.
18:36 – Why Travis’s ranch is a business and not a real estate.
22:04 – What are the obstacles to providing healthy food for everyone.
28:30 – How to keep the more direct connection with consumers in post-pandemic time.
35:22 – Why this is the time for local food providers to shine.
42:00 – How to get back in sync with nature even in the marketplace.
44:10 – How to meet the needs of people who don’t have the money to buy from local farms.
48:35 – Improving consumer consciousness and how COVID-19 has helped the local food businesses.
53:30 – What Travis thinks about vegan movement.
01:02:53 – The top three things facing farmers in the US.
01:11:40 – How to convince consumers to buy from local farms.


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