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“Bruh Man” Reginald Ballard on Martin and The Bernie Mac Show

Home / Podcast / Episodes / “Bruh Man” Reginald Ballard on Martin and The Bernie Mac Show

I’m excited to welcome Reginald Ballard on the show today! He is a character actor and comedian best known for his roles as Bruh-Man in the sitcom Martin and W.B. on The Bernie Mac Show. 

He starred in many other TV shows such Veronica Mars, The Parkers, Sister, Sister, Bones, ER, and films such as Menace II Society, I Love You To Death and The Workout Room. 

He has a big life event happening to him at the moment – he shares the story of how he is getting a kidney from his wife, who has turned out to be a perfect match for him in every sense since high school. Talk about love!

He also shares hilarious stories from decades of his work on television and film, involving late River Phoenix, Richard Roundtree and other big screen celebrities. We’ve had a great laugh together, and I can’t wait to see him on TV again in another great role. 

I got my master’s degree from the Martin show, and my PhD from The Bernie Mac Show.Reginald Ballard

Time Stamps:

0:46 – Introducing Reginald Ballard.
6:28 – How Reginald’s wife became a kidney donor for him.
8:20 – How kidney “swaps” work.
10:05 – For how long Reginald and his wife have been together.
11:20 – Where he grew up and went to university.
15:39 – How he started acting in theatre, on TV and film.
19:35 – My own experience with participating in a Bollywood film.
22:00 – How sitcoms are made and how long shooting one film scene can take.
23:30 – What’s the difference between acting in theatre and on film and TV.
26:35 – Reginald’s love for golf and his best score so far.
29:08 – How he got involved with comedy, and why he prefers acting to comedy.
34:22 – His experiences with Martin and The Bernie Mac Show.
43:35 – Reginald’s anecdote with Richard Roundtree.
48:45 – What other well known movies Reginald appeared in.


I Love You To Death (1990)
Martin (1992-1997)
The Bernie Mac Show (2001-2006) 
Young Sheldon (2017-)
Texas Real Food

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