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Documentary on Restaurants Reopening During the Pandemic

Documentary about Restaurants Reopening During the Pandemic - The Lone Star Plate Podcast
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Documentary on Restaurants Reopening During the Pandemic

Today, I’m joined by food documentary filmmaker Christian Remde. Christian has been making documentaries for years, and since the pandemic he’s been focusing on his new series Reopen

Reopen looks at how different restaurants are responding to COVID-19, and the difficulties they’ve come up against since last March.  This is an industry that’s been hit hard by the pandemic, and with minimal government support people have had to innovate constantly to keep their businesses alive. 

We talk about the different routes restaurants have gone down to stay afloat, how this is going to affect the industry in the long term, and how we can help restaurants to stay open…

“Everyone I reached out to was happy to do it, because everybody has a story to tell.” – Christian Remde  

Time Stamps:
02:05 – What Reopen is and the type of documentaries they show.
03:24 – An extract from the series showing how the pandemic affected the restaurant industry.
07:46 – How Christian got into film making.
14:12 – What it was like making a film about food trucks.
21:00 – Living in Spain and the type of lifestyle there.
24:46 – How Christian came to the the idea to make this documentary series.
38:09 – The lack of help the government has provided for restaurants.
40:50 – How necessary restaurants are to feed the nation.
45:14 – The prevalence of local foods in Austin’s restaurants and how farmers have been affected as they closed.
51:31 – The private parties that restaurants usually do behind the scenes.
57:35 – How the vaccine being rolled out will change people’s perception of what’s happened.
1:00:11 – The rise in ghost kitchens and what makes them an attractive option for the industry.
1:09:23 – How getting food delivered will continue as ‘the new norm’ after the pandemic is over.
1:13:00 – How you can help restaurants during the pandemic. 


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