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Rob Franco: Ugandan Adventures & Veggie Burgers

Rob Franco - The Lone Star Plate Podcast
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Rob Franco: Ugandan Adventures & Veggie Burgers

Getting kidnapped in a Ugandan slum, or being mistaken for the CIA, our guest Rob Franco has some truly incredible stories to tell.  Rob is an actor and director, best known for his roles in Sin City and The Transcendents. 

He is also a vegan and has some very interesting points about the benefits and flaws of this dietary choice. We talk about veganism and the environment, while we wait for our Impossible Burger to arrive. 

The food gets here and Rob starts to tell us some of the crazy stories that he’s built up over the years. From filming Marlboro adverts in New Mexico to getting kidnapped in a Ugandan slum, he really does have some incredible ones…

”If you’re trying to be an ethical vegetarian, it’s very hard not to justify going vegan.” – Rob Franco


Time Stamps:

00:37 – What we’re eating today.
00:53 – An introduction to our guest Rob.
02:27 – Why Rob went Vegan.
05:30 – The moral issues with being a Vegan.
08:35 – The constant evolution of human knowledge.
12:08 – Why we love the things we do.
13:38 – How our environment moulds who we are.
14:50 – Our veggie burger arrives…
15:52 – Shooting a cigarette advertisement in New Mexico.
19:27 – Getting T-boned by a truck and planning a trip to Africa.
23:10 – Arriving in Africa and confronting a Green Mamba snake.
28:10 – A crazy story about being mistaken for CIA by scary ex-pats in Uganda.
35:09 – A scary situation in Africa, what happens when you’re not thinking and do stupid things…
50:20 – Negotiating your release from a kidnapping.
54:17 – The importance of not judging a place based on only one experience.
55:25 – What we thought of the impossible burger.
57:28 – Our final ‘last call’ quick-fire questions. 


Plow Burger
Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (2014)
The Transcendents (2018)
Taco Cabana Taste of Texas

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