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RUDI: Just Keep Putting Out Good Music

Rudi Gutierrez
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Rudi Gutierrez is a rising pop and R&B star from Texas, best known for making it to the final round of the first season of ABC’s The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart.

She launched her solo music career with the singles “Smile” and “Hate LA,” and has spent the lockdown working on her upcoming singles, including “Stupid Boy” that is going to be released next month.

An immensely talented singer with a powerful voice, Rudi talks about her experience being a contestant on Listen to Your Heart, and how it influenced her own musical expression.

Of course we never miss to chat about food, and how her mom cooks the best Mexican food in the world.

I don’t know what it is about Texas, but this state just breeds talent, and I keep being amazed.

So be sure to check out Rudi’s music and keep an eye for her new singles this summer!

Time Stamps:

1:20 – Introducing our guest.
2:30 – What it’s like for Rudi in LA where she lives now.
4:30 – What she has been doing during the lockdown.
5:36 – How the experience on The Bachelor affected her music.
9:06 – The difficulties with getting all the details of a song and performance right.
13:02 – What performance Rudi is most proud of.
15:10 – Her next single and the new music she’s releasing.
17:07 – What was recording like during the lockdown.
19:06 – What food she likes to eat.
24:44 – Rudi’s love for jazz and what other artists she would like to work with.
27:45 – What’s special about Texas and why there are so many great artists.


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  • No one has mentioned the choreography exhibited on stage. I thought your movements were fantastic and added so much to your singing performance. Without your dancing and suggestive gestures, it wouldn’t have been half as impressive. You excell as a choreographer if all of those movements were your idea.

    Also, after the 1st song, did a director suggest that you show more affection, or did that just come naturally?

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