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Country Music Stories with Rudy Gatlin and George Ducas

Rudy Gatlin and George Ducas: Music to my Ears
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Country Music Stories with Rudy Gatlin and George Ducas

We have a special episode today folks! I’m joined by two country music stars, Rudy Gatlin and George Ducas to chat about music, life, Texas, dogs and just a tiny bit of politics. 

Both Rudy and George were our guests earlier on the show, and we thought it would be great to invite them together, so they get to know each other in person, as they belong to two different generations of country musicians. 

The conversation turned out to be super fun! We talked about music of course, George showed us his guitar collection, Rudy told us stories of his beginnings in the music industry, and they both revealed how they’ve been handling making a living from music today.     

Finally, we wanted to play “Bye, Bye Love” by The Everly Brothers live on Zoom. Tune in to hear what happened!

We would like to dedicate this episode to The Gatlins’ father who recently passed away, William Wayne “Curley” Gatlin. Our hearts go out to his family during this time. 

Time Stamps:

1:24 – Why this episode is special and who our guests are.
10:30 – For how long Rudy has been active as a musician.
12:40 – The difficulty to keep up with all the younger musicians on the country scene.
16:15 – How Christmas shows differ in production from regular shows.
20:45 – The Gatlin Brothers’ upcoming shows in December.
22:50 – George Ducas entering the show and introducing himself to Rudy Gatlin.
26:30 – George shows his guitar collection.
33:40 – What equipment Rudy is using to record.
37:00 – Paying tribute to the late Jimmy Capps.
42:30 – How it was for Rudy to be on The Carson Show and other TV shows that were popular once.
46:00 – When George Ducas started learning to play guitar and who his influences were.
52:45 – The advantages of big record labels and radio shows for artists back in the earlier days, and how the music industry changed.
1:01:00 – The beauty of record stores and listening to records together.
1:02:30 – Attempting to sing “Bye Bye, Love” by The Everly Brothers over Zoom.
1:08:00 – Discussing the post-election conflicts between the radical left and radical right.
1:14:00 – Rudy Gatlin talking about his father, taking him to vote, and ageing.
1:21:30 – Rudy’s stage persona and love for comedy.
1:24:10 – Discussing and showing our dogs.
1:32:00 – Discussing defunding of police and other political changes and initiatives.


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