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Rudy Gatlin: 65 Years Of Making Tunes

Rudy Gatlin: 65 Years Of Making Tunes
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Rudy Gatlin: 65 Years Of Making Tunes

Today I’m joined by Rudy Gatlin, member of the famous country band ‘The Gatlin Brothers’. 

Rudy joined the band and started making music aged just two and a half, meaning he’s now played music for over 65 years. 

In that time he’s played for presidents at the White House, won multiple awards, and was named number one in Golf Digest’s ‘Top 100 in music’. 

We talk about how live streaming has taken off since the pandemic and how making music has changed over the years. 

Rudy also tells me what his main influences were, and what he gets up to when he’s not with his brothers making tunes…

”We’ve been singing in some form since 1955 and we’re not gonna quit. When they get some dirt and cover my ass up, I guess that’s when I’ll quit. Why quit!?” – Rudy Gatlin  

Time Stamps:
01:39 – Where Rudy lives and the state it’s in with the pandemic. 
02:42 – The Livestream concert Rudy’s putting on. 
05:05 – How Rudy got into live-streaming. 
09:55 – How long the stream will be and what it’s going to be like. 
12:55 – What Texas was like in the 60s. 
16:13 – What a Hog Call is and where Rudy started playing music. 
18:28 – The diversity there is in Texas. 
20:15 – The way the church helped keep certain types of music alive. 
22:05 – The music influence Rudy had at school. 
24:31 – What makes a good choral director. 
26:00 – The music that was big in the 60s. 
29:00 – Where they went to listen to music that they couldn’t listen to at home. 
30:37 – The tribute album they’re making.
36:06 – Rudy’s love of golf and the charity work he does for ex-servicemen. 
41:09 – The first award Rudy won and how his music career started from there. 
47:05 – The harsh realities of the music industry. 
51:25 – The difference in discipline there was in the 1960s. 
54:57 – The different merch they have and where to find it. 
59:30 – Eating quail and its availability in Texas. 
1:02:46 – The cancelling of The State Fair of Texas. 

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