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Saagar Enjeti: 10 Things I Debate About You

Rising's Saagar Enjeti breaks down The Presidential Debates, Politics and Protesting
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Saagar Enjeti: 10 Things I Debate About You

Trump or Biden? Most people want you to think a certain way and only give you half the facts. But our guest today is different.

Saagar Enjeti is a Washington Correspondent and Host of ‘Rising’ at The Hill TV together with Krystal Ball. He is also a Media Fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington DC where he co-hosts The Realignment podcast. Saagar previously served as White House Correspondent for The Daily Caller and Foreign Affairs Correspondent for The DC News Foundation. He’s visited over 40 countries, interviewed Donald Trump 4 times, and hosts unbiased political debates every week.

It feels so refreshing to meet someone who knows all the facts but isn’t trying to make you think one way or the other.

We talk about the upcoming election, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the future for American politics.

Saagar’s spent his life dedicated to politics and he leaves me with a whole lot to think about…

“What if we hated each other less, and the elites more.” – Saagar Enjeti  

Time Stamps:
10:00 – Where Saagar’s from and the time he spent in Qatar.
12:01 – What got him into politics and how the politics of Texas has changed over the years.
18:16 – Who’s to blame for the riots happening in America, and why BLM lost so much public support.
23:45 – Why Republican governors are losing popularity.
28:00 – What Saagar’s podcast is about and how he aims to expose the exploitative parts of our political system.
37:20 – The difficulties with being a business owner, and the need for support from the government.
44:43 – The chances of Trump and Biden going for a debate on Joe Rogan.
49:58 – What it was like interviewing Trump, and the importance of engaging people with opposing views to yourself.
53:57 – Two pros and two cons for Trump.
55:16 – Two pros and two cons for Biden. 


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