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Sonny Melendrez did Voices on The Jetsons, The Flintstones and More

Home / Podcast / Episodes / Sonny Melendrez did Voices on The Jetsons, The Flintstones and More

My guest today might be one of the funniest men I’ve ever talked to. Sonny Melendrez is a voice actor, motivational speaker, radio personality and he even hosted his very own show on Disney.

He’s won a national award from Billboard Magazine and embodies his motto of ‘intentional enthusiasm’.

He’s here to tell me about life as an impressionist – how he got into doing impressions, how he broke his way into the entertainment industry, and the tips he has for anyone looking at a similar career.

From Walt Disney to Warner Bros, and even being one of the voices on The Jetsons, Sonny knows what it takes to be successful at doing what you love.

He seemingly can’t go ten minutes without whacking out another one of his impressions and has me in fits of laughter throughout. So if you’re wanting a chuckle you’ll love this episode…

”There’s a child within us all and if every day you let that child come out and play, you can have the joy of a 3-year-old.” – Sonny Melendrez  

Time Stamps:
01:31 – Who Sonny is and the type of work he’s done over his career.
03:55 – Our daily ‘Bet you didn’t know that’ facts about organic crops, the official state snack of Texas and more.
10:48 – Our studio setups and the equipment that we use.
16:07 – How the pandemic has affected Sonny’s career.
18:46 – How Sonny found his passion as an impressionist and started his career in the entertainment industry.
25:53 – How Sonny ended up doing the voices for characters in ‘The Jetsons’.
27:40 – Sonny does some Warner Bros. voice impressions for us.
29:04 – How Sonny got the role of hosting ‘You and Me Kid’ on the Disney channel.
33:00 – The importance of knowing what you want.
36:43 – Sonny’s first-ever time doing his very own ‘Bono Duck’ impression on a podcast.
40:50 – George Burns and ‘The Centurion Club’.
42:34 – Tips for anyone who wants to try doing voice impersonations.
47:45 – Doing personalised voice messages and the thrill there is in doing something you love.
50:30 – How Sonny comes up with different characters and the things they say.
56:01 – Advice for those working in creative roles.
57:06 – Sonny’s plans for the future.
1:02:40 – How to connect with Sonny online.


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