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Steamm: Espresso in a Bottle

Steamm: Authentic Espresso in a Bottle
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Steamm: Espresso in a Bottle

Today, we are joined by Kevin Newsum, CEO of the bottled espresso company Steamm.
Steamm is a revolutionary coffee company, being the first organisation to ever provide real, quality espresso that’s bottled up and ready to drink.
Kevin explains to us how the coffee is made and the different procedures they have to go through in order to maintain quality and safety. 
With the pandemic causing problems for almost everyone, nothing’s different for Kevin. 
He lets us in on how he’s pivoted Steamm’s business model and how he’s coping, being stuck at home with his young children. 
”We want to honour your coffee ritual, we want to bring you something that’s authentic.” – Kevin Newsum   
Time Stamps:
01:11 – Who our guest is today.
03:04 – Social distancing shaming.
06:46 – Working from home in sweatpants.
11:15 – Steamed espressos and the rituals involved with them.
16:35 – The earliest reference to consumption of coffee beans.
17:43 – What ‘Steamm’ is and what they do.
19:04 – The best way to store coffee.
20:00 – The special options there are for bars and restaurants.
24:08 – How environmentally friendly and well sourced Steamm’s coffee beans are.
26:43 – The safety measures, and social work that Steamm does. 
30:55 – Partnering with others to provide espresso to emergency service workers. 
33:45 – Being a part of Texas Venture Labs accelerator. 
38:52 – Delivering chrome books to children stuck at home. 
40:37 – The ways that Steamm had to pivot its business plan because of the pandemic. 
43:06 – Expanding Steamm’s digital footprint and making themselves more visible online. 
47:31 – The competitors that Steamm is facing.   


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