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Supermajority: Bringing Political Power to Women

Supermajority: Bringing Political Power to Women
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Today I’m talking to Yvonne Gutierrez, an advocate for women’s equality and Head of Community Engagement at Supermajority.

Women have had a disadvantaged position in politics for years. Both as leaders and voters they’ve been underrepresented.  

Supermajority is an organisation aiming to make it easy and fun for anyone to get involved with politics. They envision a future where no matter your gender, background, race, or age you are truly equal. 

Yvonne explains to me the sexism that is still rife within politics and why an organisation like this is needed.  We then talk about the importance of being actively involved in politics and the huge impact voting can have. 

Talking to Yvonne was a real eye-opener, and it’s good to learn about organisations like Supermajority that are bringing political power to women.   

”There’s an intrinsic value that women bring to leadership, they are empathetic and they have experienced life differently. There are so many things that make women really amazing leaders and that should not be threatening.” – Yvonne Gutierrez 

Time Stamps:

01:54 – The possible shutdowns returning to Austin and the difficulties there are for restaurants now.
06:48 – Yvonne’s favourite food trucks.
09:43 – What Yvonne cooks at home.
14:06 – What Supermajority is and how it’s bringing political power to women.
17:15 – The sexism within politics and why many women don’t vote.
19:43 – How women candidates are treated differently to male candidates. 
20:37 – The new training programme Yvonne is releasing. 
26:30 – The lack of push back to the Supermajority movement. 
34:55 – What will happen when payment protection ends. 
39:18 – The ways that racism and patriarchy are interconnected and how to tackle this. 
44:25 – The importance of working together and the male involvement with Supermajority.
46:41 – The values Supermajority sees as central to their movement. 
48:43 – What Feminism means and why women should be welcomed into politics. 
55:45 – The strong leadership roles many women are already in. 
1:00:36 – What happens when you sign up to Supermajority. 
1:04:24 – The importance of focusing on long-term change. 
1:06:55 – Where Yvonne sees Supermajority in five years’ time. 
1:10:36 – Black lives matter and de-funding the police. 
1:14:19 – My favourite restaurants in Austin. 


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