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Musician and Actress Suzanne Santo Releases a NEW Album ‘Yard Sale’

Musician and Actress Suzanne Santo Releases a NEW Album ‘Yard Sale’
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Musician and Actress Suzanne Santo Releases a NEW Album ‘Yard Sale’

This episode, I’m joined by Suzanne Santo, who has a new album ‘Yard Sale’ coming out this August.   

I was lucky enough to be able to listen to the album pre-release, and I’m telling you it’s ridiculously good. She wrote most of this album while on the road with Hozier, both opening the world tour and playing in his band.  

I didn’t know much about Suzanne before this podcast, but since listening to her album, I’ve already become a fan.   

We talked about what it’s been like for her moving to Austin, what makes it so special there, and where her favorite places to eat are.  

This is one of those great conversations with another food lover that’s just full of fun and positive energy.  

This is our last interview for the season. While we are on the summer break, enjoy the whole Lone Star Plate catalogue of interviews with amazing people!    

“One of the best decisions I’ve ever made is moving to Texas.” – Suzanne Santo  

Time Stamps:

00:00 – Introducing today’s guest Suzanne Santo.
06:08 – Suzanne’s new album and how much I enjoyed her music.
07:22 – How much Texas influenced her album.
09:07 – Suzanne’s favorite thing about living in Texas and the issues there are in Los Angeles.
12:35 – Moving during the blizzard and the friendly liberal nature of Texans.
18:39 – The music scene in Austin and what makes it different from other cities like New York.
22:17 – The Italian restaurants Suzanne’s parents had when she was growing up.
24:02 – The risk of ‘overplaying’ and why we want to smell our food.
29:02 – The incredible way our bodies work and the power of the mind-body connection.
32:20 – The metaphorical references there are to Suzanne’s new album ‘Yard Sale’.
36:40 – Missed opportunities and why you shouldn’t regret the past.
41:28 – Where Suzanne is touring in 2021 and opening for Gary Clark Jr.
46:53 – The food Suzanne eats when she’s on the road and the issues with Yelp.
49:56 – Suzanne’s diet, her favorite types of food, and the craziest thing she’s ever eaten.
52:26 – Eating elk and bear that Joe Rogan had hunted and prepared.
55:00 – Preppers and our chances of surviving the apocalypse.
56:27 – Suzanne’s favorite places to eat in Austin.
1:02:04 – How to connect with Suzanne online.  


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