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SwipeBy: A New Eating Out Routine

SwipeBy: A New Eating Out Routine
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On this episode, we are joined by Carl Turner and Nathan Pieratt from the curbside pickup app ‘SwipeBy’. 

With the current pandemic, restaurants, and individuals, are both looking at how they can change their eating out routine to maximise safety.

Well, SwipeBy allows restaurants to easily integrate a pickup delivery service into their business through SwipeBy app. 

They explain to me exactly how their business works and how difficult it’s been for them to find restaurants that want to use their app.

We discuss the long lasting effects that the outbreak will have on the restaurant business. We also talk about how the virus has affected our personal lives, and how our idea of what is ‘normal’ will likely never be the same…

”I believe common sense always wins, history has proven that. Sometimes it just takes a long time.” – Nathan Pieratt   

Time Stamps:
01:19 – Who our guests today are. 
03:09 – What SwipeBy offers and how it works. 
04:23 – How the company came into creation. 
06:56 – How the pandemic increased the need for an app like SwipeBy. 
09:01 – Using designated parking signs for pickups.
12:03 – The other possible avenues SwipeBy could have followed.
17:51 – The tablets that SwipeBy provides and the steps they’ve taken to help struggling restaurants during this crisis.
21:58 – The states that SwipeBy operates in.
25:02 – Some of the hardships they have when approaching new restaurants.
31:46 – The restaurants they are working with in Texas. 
33:33 – How their approach changes if they are dealing with a chain or an individually owned restaurant. 
37:52 – The ways restaurants can customise their use, and the importance SwipeBy places on simplicity. 
40:23 – Their approach to user data and who owns it. 
42:37 – The stats that are available. 
50:10 – How Nathan’s dealing with the pandemic and being stuck home with his four daughters.
56:05 – The beginning of Austin starting to open up again. 
57:57 – What the future looks like for restaurants from a technological standpoint. 
1:00:54 – The positive effects the virus will have on the business. 
1:06:36 – The move towards virtual business practices. 
1:16:32 – The rise in ghost kitchens, and the problem with UberEats. 
1:24:27 – The unsustainability of UberEats.
1:29:00 – How COVID-19 has in some ways saved delivery services. 


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