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Tamara Deike: Pivoting In Entertainment Industry

Tamara Deike: Pivoting In Entertainment Industry - The Lone Star Plate Podcast
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Tamara Deike: Pivoting In Entertainment Industry

We are adapting the format of The Lone Star Plate and conducting online interviews with business owners from Texas. We want to know how the pandemic is affecting their personal and business lives.

My first guest in this series is Tamara Deike, the founder of Aces High Creative. She is a creative leader who works with brands to develop ideas, partnerships and experiences.

As Tamara mainly works in music and entertainment industries that are based around live events, her business has been shell-shocked by the pandemic.

We talk about the cancellation of SXSW, the sense of community in Austin that has arisen from this situation, and what Tamara is doing to adapt to the new circumstances.

Time Stamps:

01:00 – Introducing the guest and the topic of our conversation.
01:30 – How the virus and the cancellation of SXSW has affected Tamara’s business.
05:02 – How Rally Austin platform emerged to share information about resources, jobs available, services etc.
08:30 – Pandemic as the opportunity for intensive community engagement.
12:00 – How our behaviour in communities can change after the pandemic.
13:13 – What Tamara is doing right now instead of her cancelled projects.
14:32 – How Tamara is managing grocery shopping and cooking at home.
18:00 – Tips for washing and preparing fruits and vegetables, and setting up your kitchen for cooking.
23:08 – The ways in which this is a unique situation that even experts are not experienced in. 25:30 – The importance of preserving mental health in these times.
28:10 – How morning routines can help to waive off anxiety about the headlines.
30:40 – The opportunity to reflect on what is really important, and what we are grateful for. 33:50 – Why it’s good that SXSW is cancelled after all
37:00 – Why Florida is “like Texas, but not cool.”
41:50 – The plans with The Lone Star Plate Podcast.
44:00 – How Tamara is adapting, pivoting and staying positive.


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