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Today on The Lone Star Plate, we’ve flown all the way across the pond to London, England, to visit the very first certified organic pub in London, the well named ‘Duke of Cambridge’.

With me today is Matthew Sherwood, the producer of Factual America podcast, a show that’s just been released, and tells us the true story of what’s really happening in America.

We also have Ben Sauerborn, from In The Kitchen With Chef Ben, he’s a master chef, and really knows his stuff about food.

Finally, we are joined by Sebastian Sauerborn, CEO at Mount Bonnell Advisors, founder of Alamo Pictures, and teh co-host of the Move Your Business to the United States Podcast.

We dine on pheasant, risotto, and pork cheek, and all four of us are absolutely blown away by how incredibly delicious our dishes are. This is some top quality food, and nothing beats good food with good company.

We talk about England and Texas, and what makes both places so special. The talk then moves to recipe boxes, honey, food trucks, and podcasts.

All in all it’s a spectacular evening, and definitely the best food we’ve had on the show yet.

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Time Stamps:

01:17 – Where we are eating today.
01:51 – What’s special about the food here.
04:36 – What’s on the menu for us today.
06:06 – The differences between the UK and Texas.
08:18 – Pubs in England and what makes a good pub.
11:37 – Ordering our food…
12:42 – Typical British desserts.
13:36 – The British North & South divide.
14:55 – English countryside and farms.
17:02 – Farm box, how it changes the way you cook, and eating seasonal food.
19:07 – We get our beers, and they’re rather special…
20:42 – The homemade bread arrives…
24:38 – Everything we know about honey and the bee problem.
28:48 – Our food arrives…
31:50 – How the food in England compares to the rest of Europe.
33:20 – Patricks food truck, why he started it, and why he left.
35:34 – Matthew’s podcast and what makes America unique.
41:54 – America’s curiosity with England, and how they see Europe.
44:02 – American’s perspective of Asia.
45:28 – People’s misconceptions of American cuisine.
47:25 – Texas BBQ’s. 50:10 – Where the term TexMex comes from.
51:41 – What we all thought of our food.


The Duke Of Cambridge
Guy Singh-Watson
Factual America
Move Your Business to the United States

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