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Terry McBride: Rebels and Angels

Terry McBride: Rebels and Angels
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Today I’m joined by a wonderful musician and hit songwriter Terry McBride, who is a true legend in the country music industry.

He has a new album called ‘Rebels and Angels’ coming out at the end of October, and the first two singles, ‘Callin’ All Hearts’ and the title song ‘Rebels and Angels’ are already released. 

In his career spanning over decades, he toured with Brooks and Dunn and wrote songs for them, he wrote songs with Guy Clark and a lot of other people.

In this interview we talk about music of course, but we also get a bit emotional, talking about sobriety and the struggles with drinking. We also get to hear some hilarious stories about Terry’s first gigs and countless anecdotes from his life as a musician. Enjoy the conversation! 

“Songwriting is a strange process. It’s intimidating and it’s different every time. Yes, I’ve written some big songs, but every time you walk through that door, you start all over again.” – Terry McBride


Time Stamps:

1:37 – Introducing Terry Mc Bride.
4:48 – Where Terry grew up and how he got into music.
8:39 – How he started touring with his dad at the age of 13.
13:00 – What Terry’s father was like and the world-class musicians they met.
16:30 – His struggle with alcohol and how he has overcome it.
19:24 – Why alcoholism is so prevalent among musicians.
23:57 – Terry’s experiences while touring with Brooks and Dunn.
27:00 – How his life is now and how the rehab helped him.
29:30 – What his last concert was before the pandemic.
32:40 – The new album Terry is releasing in October and the single he has released.
39:00 – What his songwriting journey looked like.
42:45 – How someone can become a better songwriter.
49:48 – How to put your ideas forward as a songwriter.
58:00 – The difficulties with making music a viable career.
1:03:30 – When Rebels and Angels album is coming out.

Pre-order ‘Rebel and Angels’ by Terry McBride 
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Guy Clark
Jedd Hughes
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