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The Lone Star Plate and Factual America Season Highlights

The Lone Star Plate and Factual America Season Highlights
Home / Podcast / Episodes / The Lone Star Plate and Factual America Season Highlights

The Lone Star Plate meets Factual America for the second time! We are wrapping up Season 3 of our show, and our sister podcast Factual America, which explores what makes America unique through the lens of documentary filmmaking, has just closed Season 2.    

Two fellow Texans, Matthew Sherwood and I, discuss the highlights of the last season, and what episodes, guests and topics left a particular impression on us. Each of us chose three episodes to talk about and to recommend to our audience to revisit.    

This is by no means a top list! We mention many episodes that we enjoyed during the last season, and we were surprised ourselves by the number of amazing people we met on our shows.   

At the end of the episode, you also get to meet our teams, the people who help all of this happen every week.   

And we’re announcing the launch of The Lone Star Plate Season 4 with a big live event in Austin on September 15th!    

Time Stamps:
00:00 – Clips from The Lone Star Plate episodes we discuss.
4:30 – Live event announcement on September 15th. 
9:50 – Overview of the last season on both podcasts and what this episode is about. 
20:54 – Discussing the interview with actor Reginald Ballard on The Lone Star Plate.
24:39 – A clip from the episode with Reginald Ballard. 
28:28 – Discussing the Factual America episode about ‘Class Action Park.’
36:10 – A clip from ‘Class Action Park.’ 
37:50 – Discussing the interview with director Catherine Hardwicke on The Lone Star Plate. 
42:50 – A clip from the interview with Catherine Hardwicke. 
45:50 – Discussing the Factual America interview with Anne Rapp, the director of ‘Horton Foote: The Road to Home.’
53:43 – A clip from the trailer for ‘Horton Foote: The Road to Home.’
55:14 – Restaurant labor shortage discussion with Ji Kang and why this episode is important for The Lone Star Plate. 
1:02:20 – A clip from the interview with Ji Kang, the owner of Sloane’s Corner.
1:03:41 – Discussing the interview with writer Tim O’Brien and director Aaron Matthews on both Factual America and The Lone Star Plate. 
1:12:33 – A clip from the interview with Tim O’Brien and Aaron Matthews. 
1:20:00 – The journey we went through since the beginning of our podcasts. 
1:28:35 – A clip from the interview with Jake and Conor Allyn, the lead actor and director of ‘No Man’s Land.’
1:34:12 – Both podcasts’ teams introduce themselves.   


Lone Star Plate Podcast – LIVE at The Creek and The Cave, Austin, September 15th
‘Bruh Man’ Reginald Ballard on Martin and Bernie Mac Show
Class Action Park: America’s Most Dangerous Amusement Park
Director Catherine Hardwicke Discusses Her Movies Twilight, Lords of Dogtown and More
Horton Foote: The Greatest Playwright You’ve Never Heard Of
Dallas Chef Ji Kang Dishes the TRUTH About Restaurant Labor Shortage
Tim O’Brien: The Final Book on the Vietnam War
‘The War and Peace of Tim O’Brien’ with Aaron Matthews and Tim O’Brien
No Man’s Land: Director and Lead Actor Discuss the Film
Texas Real Food

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