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The Powell Brothers Record Out Of Their Small Town Barn

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Today I have a chat with the modern rock/country duo The Powell Brothers, Blake and Taylor Powell.

Awesome dudes and real hustlers from Kingwood, Texas, they tell us about the cool thing they did in the pandemic to be able to record, and what they’re doing now. 

They are the kind of guys you want to have a beer with, and we go on to chat about their life, music, current events and all things Texas…

“Do what you love to do and just keep doing it every day.” – Taylor Powell  

Time Stamps:
01:16 – Who The Powell Brothers are and what we’re talking about today.
04:24 – Their upcoming live shows and how quickly events are reopening up.
10:11 – The things they’ve learned from the pandemic and converting their barn to a video studio. 
13:20 – The chances of using Elon Musk’s Starlink. 
16:03 – The importance of having people you can ask for help. 
21:11 – The different projects they’ve recorded over the shutdown. 
22:15 – How they dealt with the Texan storm. 
26:00 – What inspired their new song ‘Hopeless’. 
30:27 – The way the music industry and the hospitality industry crossover. 
33:34 – The times it’s got most out of control at their performances. 
36:44 – The health issues that come along with working too hard. 
41:19 – What the brothers eat when they’re on tour. 
42:10 – The quality of the wineries in Texas. 
45:49 – The wine they’ve been growing and how these were affected by the power shortages. 
52:02 – Going to Spain as kids and what they learnt there.   


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