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America’s Got Talent – The Texas Tenors

America's Got Talent - The Texas Tenors
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Today I’m joined by Marcus Collins from The Texas Tenors, a fantastic singing group that blends opera, pop and country music in unique vocal arrangements.

The Texas Tenors, whose other two members are JC Fisher and John Hagen, were formed in 2009 in order to audition for America’s Got Talent. They made it to finals of Season 4 of the show, and became the highest ranking vocal group in the show’s history.

They also won three Emmys, and until the pandemic hit, were touring extensively all across the US and performed for the tens of thousands of fans.

Marcus got me laughing hard in this interview, shares hilarious stories about their experience on America’s Got Talent, performing with David Hasselhof, and being mentioned by Barbra Streisand at a private dinner party.

If you are not familiar with these guys, check out their performances on YouTube, I promise you’ve never heard anything  like that before…

“It’s not about making money right now, it’s about getting at least a little entertainment to the folks so they can forget about all this.”Marcus Collins

Time Stamps:

0:58 – Who are The Texas Tenors.
3:05 – Playing the trailer for The Texas Tenors show.
8:38 – What is unique about their sound.
9:47 – Who are the members of the group.
11:46 – How they were formed in order to audition for America’s Got Talent.
21:00 – Where Marcus grew up and where he is based now.
23:00 – Where and how The Texas Tenors work and tour during the pandemic.
32:35 – How Marcus misses going out into the audience during shows.
38:00 – What the group is working on right now and why they are excited about singing in different languages.
43:02 – The experience of singing together for the first time.
48:01 – How it was to participate in America’s Got Talent and how the judges reacted.
50:40 – How they performed with David Hasselhoff.
53:20 – Collaborations with other musicians and what makes them proud about winning Emmy’s.
1:00:00 – How to get in touch with Marcus and The Texas Tenors.


The Texas Tenors
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