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Trish Wesewich: Foodies From Capital Kitchens

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Today, we are joined by Trish Wesevich, the owner of Capital Kitchens. 

Capital Kitchens offers food vendors a commercial kitchen space to cook in, if they don’t have a commercial kitchen themselves. With different businesses coming in and cooking each day a real community has built up there. This, mixed with the knowledge that Trish has built up over the years, makes it quite a unique place, with a huge suppository of knowledge that we can learn from. 

Trish tells us everything she’s learned from running a shared kitchen space, how the logistics work, and the common mistakes people going into the industry make. 

The conversation moves towards Austin and the food that’s available here, and when you realise all that’s on offer here, you can see why this is one of our favourite cities. 

”If you want to start a food business, the first thing you need to do is find somewhere to cook.” – Trish Wesevich

Time Stamps:

01:03 – Introducing our guest today.
02:05 – Who Capital Kitchens are and how long they’ve been operating for.
04:32 – How Trish helps people just starting out in the food business.
06:14 – The collaborative aspect of Capital Kitchens.
07:02 – The different companies Trish has worked with.
08:23 – The common mistakes that people new to the food business make.
10:37 – How restaurants are always hiring.
13:46 – Why there aren’t more shared kitchens.
14:54 – What ghost kitchens are and how they work.
21:30 – How Trish sees her clients and whether she’d ever start her own food business.
25:40 – The hardships that come with running food trucks.
27:59 – How people using shared kitchens influence each other.
30:20 – The interest reality TV shows have shown towards Capital Kitchens.
32:56 – Why it doesn’t make sense for a food truck to use a shared kitchen.
34:15 – What Trish likes about Texas.
35:33 – Trish’s favourite food.
36:01 – The benefits and costs of natural and organic foods.
40:51 – Trish’s favourite place to eat in Austin, and the importance of zero waste.
46:37 – How they set up Capital Kitchens to encourage zero waste.
49:27 – Exciting things that are happening in the future.
51:23 – The rise of the impossible burger.
54:12 – The best pastrami in Texas.
56:13 – Our rapid fire questions. 


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