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Vickie Guerrero: Body Slams the Hate

Vickie Guerrero: Body Slams the Hate
Home / Podcast / Episodes / Vickie Guerrero: Body Slams the Hate

When you think of wrestling, you normally think of huge men in spandex and skinny women in bikinis. But the world of wrestling is changing, and so are the roles that women can play.

Today I’m joined by professional wrestling personality and amazingly inspiring woman Vickie Guerrero, who talks us through her backstory, as well as her life in the arena. 

Vickie is the widow of the very well known wrestler Eddie Guerrero, who sadly died back in 2005. She tells me about how her life has changed since his death, and how the sport of wrestling has changed in the last 15 years too…

“It’s hilarious, even when I go to church on Sundays, people can’t fathom that here is this horrible person on TV, and they’re praising the songs of Jesus.” – Vickie Guerrero  

Time Stamps:
04:12 – Where Vickie grew up and how she made wrestling into her career.
07:57 – How Vickie found her passion for wrestling.
10:08 – What it was like being married to Eddie Guerrero.
11:30 – The culture of drug use in wrestling and why wrestlers often drink and do drugs.
15:38 – The way the roles of women in wrestling has changed over recent years.
17:45 – How Covid has affected the wrestling world.
24:44 – Vickie’s favourite part of her career, and how she loves to be hated.
27:30 – The positive things that came out of the tragedy of Eddie’s death.
31:13 – What it was like living in Mexico with Eddie and the kids.
41:41 – The future plans being put in place for the wrestling community.
46:26 – How they create the storylines behind the shows.
52:50 – The difference between Vickie’s character she plays and who she is as a real person.
55:25 – The amount of people that come and see wrestling shows live.
58:18 – How to connect with Vickie online. 


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