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Christian Mattson: Wagyu on Wheels

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On today’s episode I’m joined by Christian Mattson, the owner of Wagyu on Wheels, a burger truck in Texas.

Over a plate of delicious chicken, she shares with us her passion for Wagyu beef and what it’s like running a food truck.

The food from Crossroads was incredible, and the conversation was even better.

We share cooking tips, what it’s like working in a food truck, and how important meal prep is when you’re living a busy life.

”Some of these cows live a better life than most Americans.” – Christian Mattson


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Time Stamps:

01:01 – Where we are getting food from.
01:15 – Introducing our guest for today’s episode.
01:53 – Trying the chips and salsa.
03:13 – What Wagyu is.
06:03 – When Christian realised she wanted to start a food truck business.
07:50 – The importance of marbleization and having fat.
09:28 – The food from Picnik and companies overcharging for food.
11:33 – Christian’s home ranch and locally sourcing beef.
13:02 – How Wagyu Beef arrived into the United States.
16:16 – Why Christian focuses on burgers and doesn’t serve steak or tacos.
19:04 – The key to cooking a good burger.
20:30 – Our food arrives…
24:03 – What it’s like starting a food truck business.
27:00 – Living in Austin and how it’s a good place for food trucks.
28:42 – Christian’s fries, and different safety standards.
29:58 – Why it’s important for Christian to keep her truck moving.
31:37 – The excessive parking costs that some places charge food trucks.
35:15 – The hardships of keeping it clean in a busy kitchen.
37:54 – The myth of the phrase ‘Consistency is key’.
39:58 – The popularity of burgers in Texas, and peoples favourite burgers.
41:14 – How Christian describes what she does.
42:10 – Christian’s other food prep business.
47:28 – The importance of having a well organised kitchen at home.
50:24 – What Christian likes about Texas.
51:54 – What Christian’s favourite food from Texas is.
52:52 – What TexMex means.
55:41 – Our final quick fire questions.


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