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Ben Dunn: Netflix’s Warrior Nun

Ben Dunn: Netflix's Warrior Nun
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‘Warrior Nun’ is one of Netflix’s new hit series, and today I’m meeting Ben Dunn, the man behind the story. 

If you haven’t seen it, it’s very worth giving a watch. A woman wakes up with unexplainable superpowers and has to fight to survive in a world filled with good and evil. 

Ben Dunn has been a comic book artist for over 30 years and is the creator of the comic book series that the show is based on. 

He tells me how he started creating comics and how ‘The Warrior Nun’ ended up as a Netflix adaptation. 

It sounds like one crazy journey he’s been on, as we talk about everything from the history of comic books to what the future for comics looks like…

“You shouldn’t give up. If there’s something you want to pursue, pursue it.” –Ben Dunn 

Time Stamps:
08:40 – The history of comic books and the importance of having a quality storyline.
10:52 – What manga means.
12:20 – How Ben created the unique style he uses in his comics.
15:03 – Where the idea for ‘Warrior Nun’ came from.
17:47 – How the comic got picked up by Netflix and made into a show.
20:08 – The benefits of working with Netflix.
21:48 – What it was like being on the set of ‘Warrior Nun’.
24:54 – The concessions you have to make when turning a comic into a film.
26:46 – Why series based on comic books are becoming so popular.
35:57 – The comic books Ben likes to read.
39:46 – When he started drawing comics and how he started his business.
43:50 – Different business models comic books use.
46:23 – Ben’s role in the creation of ‘A Scanner Darkly’.
52:40 – The type of animation that was used in ‘Kill Bill,’ and what influenced that style of animation.
54:25 – The most popular anime shows.
57:23 – How to find the comic book series that Warrior Nun is based on.


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A Scanner Darkly
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