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Zane Williams: Recording For The Most Dedicated Fans

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Today I’m joined by old school country legend Zane Williams and we talk about everything country. 

From where in the world the best country music comes from to why country music tends to be conservative we cover it all.  

Zane talks to me about how the music industry has changed over the years accelerated by the rise of technology and social media. 

Next we talk about Zane’s new album that he’s released with no manager, music label, or what sounds like any assistance at all. 

Zane’s managed to create a distributed patron model that allows him to record music directly for the fans that care about him most. I’ve never heard of a musician doing this kind of thing before, but I love it. 

Finally we talk about how COVID-19 has affected the music industry and what the future of live events looks like…

“The 90s were the heyday of selling physical records at Walmart and Best Buy. But the industry went into a tailspin in 1999 and for a while it looked like the music industry might not survive.” – Zane Williams  

Time Stamps:
01:33 – The way Zane’s studio is set up. 
02:30 – The music scene in McKinney and how it compares to Nashville. 
06:38 – Where the best place in the world for country music is. 
09:59 – The problems with so many people moving to Austin and Nashville. 
12:10 – The conservative nature of country music. 
14:25 – The types of music Zane likes and what makes a great song. 
18:40 – When Zane first got into country music and playing music. 
21:52 – What gave Zane the encouragement to pursue his passion. 
22:53 – What happened when Zane first met Aaron Watson. 
24:40 – How streaming music has changed the music industry. 
31:23 – Releasing an album without a label or manager. 
36:55 – The distributed patron model Zane uses to enable him to record music. 
42:06 – Zane’s aim of recording a new song each month for his ‘hideout members’. 
45:00 – Zane’s feelings of live-streaming music. 
51:51 – The type of live shows Zane is going to be putting on while undertaking COVID precautions. 
59:26 – How to get in contact with Zane. 


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