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Baking Premixes

What is a baking premix and why should you get them? Simply put, baking premixes make life easier for everyone. Everything is measured and portioned out to the manufacturer’s idea of the perfect product, or at the very least, something that is acceptable to a large group of people. Just take a packet of the pre-mix, add the required wet ingredients and bake according to the instructions and you’ll end up with a baked product that should resemble what’s on the box.

While commercial baking premixes have been around for the longest time, they’re not very good. It has only been recently that smaller producers have entered the market. These small producers create premixes that are suited to the local tastes and contain fewer preservatives (or in some cases, none) than those commercially available.

Local premixes are as good as buying the best dry ingredients and measuring them out yourself. So what are you waiting for? Come check out our baking premix section here in our Texas Real Food Promptuary and see how quick and easy baking can be.