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Buttercream Cakes

Buttercream cakes are a classic showstopper! A visual delight delicately crafted to form cake masterpieces that are too pretty to eat, you won’t even dare slice the cake for fear of ruining it. To understand Buttercream cakes, you have to know about the history of cakes. While cakes have been around for thousands of years, elaborately designed cakes and various types of icings have only been around for at least 350 years.

As the name implies, buttercream is composed of butter and cream. It’s a rich, creamy, and dense icing that’s much more in demand due to its deeper flavor profile. However, because it contains butter, Buttercream is less stable than traditional whipped cream. Although the hybrid combination called the Korean Buttercream technique is both delicious and stable even at room temperatures.

Buttercream cakes are great for all occasions, adding grandeur to weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and any other special events. We all have our memories of buttercream cakes; celebrations are just incomplete without them.

Buttercream Cake Trivia

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle defied Royal wedding traditions by opting for a lemon and elderflower cake covered with buttercream and decorated with fresh flowers.


Buttercream Cake Buying Guide

Buttercream cakes are all over Instagram and Pinterest! It’s pretty, delicate, and very laborious but it’s a perennial crowd-pleaser, so bake and decorate happily.

You can either make your buttercream or use store-bought buttercreams. However, there will be massive differences in terms of taste, texture, and flavor. There are four major types of buttercreams you can choose from.


  1. American Buttercream – This is home-style buttercream is the easiest buttercream frosting you can make. Just whip butter and sugar, then add milk and vanilla, then refrigerate. And that’s it. Easy as a pie or a piece of cake!


  1. Swiss Buttercream – Swiss Buttercream uses egg whites in meringue form, beating butter to make a smooth icing texture. This makes for a silky and flexible texture that is perfect for spreading in cakes and piping for decorations.


  1. Italian Buttercream – Italian buttercream has the most complex procedure but it also has the richest flavor, smoothest texture, and is the most stable among all the buttercream techniques.


  1. French Buttercream – For the French Buttercream, simply use the same techniques with Italian Buttercream but replace the egg whites with whole eggs.


Here’s the newcomer which has been a trend-maker in the meticulous and ever-changing world of cake decorating!

  1. Korean Buttercream – Korean Buttercream is very popular in Korea but was developed in Vietnam. This Buttercream is suitable for tropical temperatures where the European buttercream varieties would melt in humid temperatures. Korean Buttercreams are stiffer, thinner, are the glossiest and shiniest among the other, making them the perfect consistency for piping delicate decorations such as leaves, flowers, branches, and twigs.


Buttercream Cake Production & Farming in Texas

Buttercream cakes are available in grocery stores and artisan bakeries. You can choose different styles and techniques depending on the occasion. Customized Buttercream Cakes can be expensive but the eye-catching looks and delicious flavors are worth the price.


Preservatives and Chemicals

Home-made buttercreams have fewer preservatives and chemicals. However, most people prefer ready to use buttercream mixes because it’s easier and faster to make. Like all other commercially produced food, store bought buttercream contains additives that are unhealthy for your body.


Genetically modified corn syrup also known as high fructose corn syrup increases obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and triggers other forms of inflammation.


Flavorings and Additives such as E330 (citric acid), E319 (synthetic antioxidants), E435 (emulsifier, stabilizer, and thickening agents are dangerous for people with hyperactivity, cancer, and asthma.



Buttercream cakes are usually packaged in durable, plastic containers that have an airtight seal. Some cakes are packaged in paper boxes. Nevertheless, these should always be stored in the refrigerator.


Enjoying Buttercream Cakes

Buttercream cakes are perfect for any occasion! Master making buttercream so you can start piping your own buttercream flowers.



Always refrigerate the buttercream cakes to keep them moist and to extend their shelf life. Keep the cakes for up to 3-4 days.



You can make any events more special with the delicately piped Buttercream cakes.


Classic Buttercream


½ cup unsalted butter softened

1 ½ teaspoons vanilla extract

2 cups confectioners’ sugar, sifted

2 tablespoons milk



  1. Cream room temperature butter with a hand mixer, the paddle attachment of a stand mixer, or a wooden spoon until smooth and fluffy. Gradually beat in confectioners’ sugar until fully incorporated. Beat in vanilla extract.
  2. Pour in milk and beat for an additional 3 to 4 minutes. Add food coloring, if using, and beat for thirty seconds until smooth or until the desired color is reached.



  • Serving Size: 1 Slice, (79g)
  • Calories: 315.5 46.4%
  • Carbs: 51g 69%
  • Sugar: 29g
  • Fiber: 1g 0%
  • Protein: 3g 4%
  • Fat: 9g 27%
  • Saturated Fat: 1g 0%
  • Trans Fat 0g 0%
  • Cholesterol 40mg 13%
  • Sodium 250mg 10%
  • Vitamin C 5.5%
  • Vitamin A 60μg 7%
  • Calcium 40mg 4%
  • Iron 0.7mg 10%
  • Folate 6%
  • Magnesium 0.1%
  • Manganese 0.1%
  • Niacin 4%
  • Phosphorus 6.3%
  • Riboflavin 4.2%

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