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Dairy, the liquid gold that comes from the milk of mammals. Come join us in the Texas Real Food promptuary and discover the origins of how people started to consume milk from domesticated thousands of years ago to becoming one of the most produced commodities in the world. We’ll also discover how many happy accidents turned milk into different products that not only taste delicious but promote better health as well.

Dairy products make everything better. Don’t believe us? Ask the French, who use butter and cream in almost all of their dishes to make it better. Need more convincing? Read up on ghee and how a whole culture classified their cooking into two categories, with ghee, and without ghee. How about the story of how a breed of cattle from the Channel Islands became the dairy cow of choice in Texas when it came to producing milk with high buttermilk content? You can check out these stories when you explore our Real Food Promptuary entries on the different dairy products.