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Who doesn't love herbs? Different herbs offer different scents and fragrances and they all smell great. The flowers and leaves of different herbs come in different shapes and colors but they all look gorgeous. Herbs make food taste so much better and they make food smell really, really appetizing.Besides improving the food we eat, herbs also provide us with a natural alternative remedy for different kinds of ailments and other things that cause us discomfort - from cuts and bruises to insomnia and constipation. The medicinal properties of herbs are too many to mention. Growing herbs is relaxing and therapeutic. Having them inside the house or in the garden puts us in a good mood. Not only that  - they help us spiritually too! We use dried herbs to energize the room and remove any negative energy. It is also our chance to reflect and pray, with the scent of herbs enveloping us and helping quiet the mind.Many of us do not have a full grasp of how much herbs have impacted (and continue to impact and affect) our everyday lives. When we think of herbs, we think of ancient, folkloric, even primitive practices but in truth, herbs are very important in our modern way of life. Growing and harvesting herbs is a major worldwide industry. Countries profit from exporting herbs, and those who import herbs spend a lot of money so that they have the supply they need, which they will use for food, medicine, production of essential everyday items, and so much more.