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Pumpkins & Squash

Before we get too technical and go into details, let’s answer the question that’s on everyone’s mind. Yes, the pumpkin is a kind of squash. Squash is the general term for fruits (yes, they’re fruits) that belong to the Cucurbita genus. And since the pumpkin is part of the Cucurbita genus, then technically it is a squash. Confused yet?

Don’t worry too much though. Here in our Texas Pumpkin and Squash Promptuary, we’ll go over the different kinds of pumpkins and squash that are grown and loved in Texas. We promise that once you’ve had a taste of the information inside, that you’ll keep coming back for more. You learn where they come from, when they’re in season and which squash (or pumpkin) to use for whatever occasion or dish that you’re planning.


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