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"People’s preference when it comes to taste can be grouped into two categories: sweet and savory. While some are born with a sweet tooth, some people crave a salty one. Still, salt is definitely the epitome of cooking. It is the only rock that we humans can eat. And contrary to the bad reputation salt has these days, it is home to many benefits. Salt is the mineral that we use to season our foods. It can easily take a bland dish into an irresistible one. But, did you know that salt has many varieties and functions? Here at our Texas Real Food Promptuary, we will go through every detail of salt that you can explore. As a bonus, we’ve also included fun facts, buying guides, production techniques, and even recipes that’ll not only save you money, but will also turn you into a pro! And yes, you can make salt at home! And, you can start by clicking on each one below. "