As Valentine's Day approaches, it's important to make sure we're getting fresh fruits and vegetables into our diets. Whoever said getting in shape can only be done alone? This month of hearts is a great time to share your wellness plans with your significant other - making for a healthy relationship for both body and mind. Expect produce like carrots, spinach, kiwis, and strawberries that are packed with nutrients for you and your significant other.

Carrots are one of the more versatile vegetables available and there was never a bad time when I opened my fridge and found carrots in it. You can add it to several dishes and they are a great source of Vitamin A, which is important for maintaining healthy eyesight. I wouldn’t expect to open a can and knock one back then turn into a miraculous heroic sailor but spinach is packed with nutrients like iron and folate, which are important for energy levels and blood health. Refreshing kiwis enjoyed as they are or juiced with your favorite fruits and vegetables are a good source of Vitamin C that helps strengthen the immune system. Strawberries are a delicious and healthy treat that goes great with sweet cream, in desserts, or enjoyed as it is. Each bite is a good source of fiber and antioxidants that lowers the risk of developing cancers in the body.

The month of hearts is best celebrated with your loved one while enjoying healthy eats. The holidays have just wrapped up and, for me, this time of the year should be spent shaving off all those waistline holiday cheers. And what better way to abide by this annual cleansing practice than with your loved ones for February.