Temperatures are starting to drop as fall is in full swing and it’s a good time for seasonal fruits and vegetables. Farmers' markets are beginning to fill up with freshly picked broccoli, daikon, and cabbage. Because of the change in the season, now is the perfect time to plan your meal prep this coming fall.

One of my staples this season is cabbage because it’s rich in Vitamin K for strong bones. Daikon is another vegetable that can be integrated into a lot of recipes and it’s packed with nutrients that strengthen the immune system. The classic broccoli is also a staple in a lot of Texan homes because the nutrient profile of this vegetable is composed of high amounts of Vitamin C, D, magnesium, folate, and potassium.

October is still a great time to shop for produce around the many farmers' markets in Lone Star State. Especially for those who are looking to make those goodies for fall, now is the time to put to use those old family recipes. So better get those market lists ready because winter is just around the corner.